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BizReport : October 9, 2013 Archive

October 9, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce | October 09, 2013

How mobile is impacting in-store purchasing

Around the world, mobile devices are making more appearances in-store, and not just so consumers can answer a call. According to new data out from GfK about one-third of global citizens are now using cellphones in-store to research products while almost 20% have made a purchase with their mobile while in a retail store. >>

Ecommerce | October 09, 2013

Study IDs reasons for abandoning carts

Think all those abandoned shopping carts are because your shoppers have gone to a competitor? You could be wrong, according to new data out from Bronto Software and Magento. According to their new study many consumers 'abandon' shopping carts not because they aren't interested but because they use online carts as a place to 'store' items to buy later. >>

Research | October 09, 2013

'Secrets and Lies' revealed among consumer brand motivations

Consumers may say they know which brands they prefer, but new research from ad agency Young & Rubicam reveals that, subconsciously at least, what they say and what they do is at odds. >>

Ecommerce | October 09, 2013

Despite online, mobile top retailers plan more stores

Some of the world's largest retailers dismiss the demise of physical stores and plan to increase their footprint. More than two-thirds say stores remain their most important shopping channel. >>

Internet | October 09, 2013

Consumers: Top 3 tips to increase your online security

Okay, people be honest. When it comes to online security, many of us think it's all about the password, right? Unfortunately, passwords are only a small part of security in the online space. One online expert offers his advice for consumers to increase their online security. >>

Social Marketing | October 09, 2013

44% of multi-billion dollar firms yet to measure social media success

More big companies are employing staff dedicated to managing social media activities, according to a new report from IT firm Tata Consultancy Services, but few are measuring success. >>