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BizReport : Research archives : September 09, 2013

Report: Women, Boomers leading the freelance charge

The Internet isn't only letting families and friends stay better connected. It is now pushing deeper employer/employee relationships - in the form of freelance/independent work. According to new data out from MBO Partners, the number of people freelancing or working independently is up 5% over the past year, with women and Boomers leading the freelance way.

by Kristina Knight

Some interesting findings from the report include:

• Women are most likely swayed to independent/freelance work for flex time options
• Men are most likely swayed because they want to 'control' the work environment
• 84% of Boomers are 'satisfied' with independent/freelance work, 79% plan to 'remain independent'
• There are 17.1 million Americans currently working freelance/independently
• 'Independent' income is now $1.2 trillion per year

"Our 2013 State of Independence report offers the most exciting data yet," said Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners. "This year's report shows the tremendous economic impact of independent workers, and validates that independence is more than a viable career path; it's a job creation engine. It's not long until we see the reality that I predicted some years ago - a workforce split 50/50 between fixed and contingent workers. In such a world, workers and companies alike need advice and support, and MBO is committed to being their guide."

"Probably the biggest a-ha moment in this year's report is the self-identification of the majority of independents as self-employed," said Aassia Haq, Chief Marketing Officer for MBO Partners. "This and other brand-new segment insights can help spur fresh programs and policy to support and empower the solopreneur. In 2011, MBO told the world 'the independents are coming.' It's 2013 - the independents are here - and here to stay."

About 40% of the American workforce report they have worked freelance at some point in their careers; over the next 10 years the report suggests that will grow to a 50/50 split. A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.

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  • SkySailor

    The site Retirement And Good Living offers some good information about various work opportunities for boomers and others as well as other great retirement information (finance, health, retirement locations, etc.)

  • KarenSwim

    Following the jobs report, this data has refreshing insight. As a self-employed female boomer, I found many parallels in my solo journey and the data revealed. What this report says to me is that we are truly in an era of choice and that choice is not an either-or choice but the choice to design a career that integrates all kinds of employment. Thanks for sharing Kristina.



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