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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : August 16, 2013

How to use click to call as a measurement tool

Hundreds of millions of consumers are now clicking-to-call on local businesses and even national chains. Telecom provider Bandwidth is one platform helping brands better connect with their customer base through the phone - and then measure those successes to continue to grow their ROI.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can click-to-call be used to better engage the consumer with the brand and then measure performance?

Jason Sommerset, Director of Product Development, Bandwidth: Click-to-call capabilities enable access to new sources of rich consumer data. Does a particular creative execution yield longer or shorter call duration times? Is there a specific geography more productive than others? Call recording gives advertisers first-hand knowledge on what is and what is not working, both to better serve the customers and better train employees. These are just a few examples - in fact, everything currently done with online marketing analytics based on ad clicks can now be done with click-to-call as well.

Kristina: What are businesses doing 'right' with click to call?

Jason: The primary thing businesses are doing right is recognizing its value, and incorporating it into their mobile campaigns. In 2010, the online call tracking industry was virtually nonexistent, but has since grown to over 800 million click-to-calls each year. This growth drives demand from their ad network providers to include everything from search engines all the way down to local listing and review sites.
Beyond tracking and measuring the ROI of a sales channel, the most innovative businesses are beginning to use the customer's phone number as a key part to improving the experience for that customer or prospect. These businesses are dynamically routing, handling and scripting sales leads - have they called before, if so when, what was the outcome of that call, etc. This affords businesses a better understanding of the context of that customer, and improves the actual sales experience for their digital advertising efforts.

Kristina: How can they improve?

Jason: Businesses can improve by continuing to scrutinize their ad spending and continuing to demand innovations from their advertising providers to minimize the friction between ad campaigns and actionable response. Click-to-call is a powerful measurement tool. Unlike clicking on a mobile ad where the consumer may never interact with a sales associate, a phone call is an extremely qualified sales lead because it puts the potential customer in direct contact with someone at the company. Businesses also need to analyze the aforementioned metrics such as call durations and location to modify the audiences they're targeting, based on where their success rates are.

You can read part one of my chat with Jason and Bandwidth, including the importance of click to call, here.

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