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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : August 27, 2013

How to ID prospects in your existing client roster

Finding solid prospects in the online space is a hard sell. There may be a better place to find those prospects and it may be inside your existing client roster. Here's how brands can identify solid leads from within their base of customers.

by Kristina Knight

"The digital advertising space has seen a significant move towards audience based programmatic buying. Technology allows for precise targeting and competitive pricing, but there is still a significant concern over the quality of online data. Utilizing your CRM data and the activity data from customers and prospects on your website can enhance your opportunities for success," said Rob Gatto, Aggregate Knowledge President.

First: brands must overlay audience data (online, offline, CRM etc.) on every visitor to your website. This will allow you to understand the profiles of the people who convert (whatever conversion is for the advertiser) and those that don't. It will also allow you to understand which of your products and services appeals to each profile segment.

Second, use that data to control what messaging a given profile sees in your advertising and can also be used to inform your website CMS system on what page / message to land them on click through.

Third, reach expansion via look-a-like modeling is also possibility when leveraging audience data layered on top of your website.

"When thinking of your digital marketing budget, definitely don't overlook your own website. Many advertisers have significant website traffic and fail to capitalize on maximizing that traffic before going into the internet in general for marketing," said Gatto. "Targeting users on their own website with dynamic messaging driven by audience overlays is a great way to take advantage of the customers that visit your website. Retargeting efforts can then be layered on top as these same customers are seen across the internet in general."

More from Rob and AK later this week, including how to better segment audiences across channels.

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