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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : August 29, 2013

How to better leverage CRM data across channels

Improving campaign ROI isn't only about noting online trends and tweaking existing messaging. One online expert explains that optimizing ROI is as much about offline CRM as it is about online messaging trends.

by Kristina Knight

Rob Gatto, President, Aggregate Knowledge: The key to success on the website is understanding the audience profiles to ensure the proper offer messaging and call to action. Expanding to re-targeting makes sense, but frequency and controlling the number of retargeting partners to insure proper frequency is extremely important. You must avoid having consumers bombarded with ads and partners that fight over cookies to secure the "last touch" for credit.

Kristina: What is the most effective way to segment an audience leveraging CRM data across digital media channels, including social?

Rob: Utilizing your offline CRM file is essential to improving the ROI on your digital ad spend. It also is a great way to build consistent messaging to your customer base cross channel. In your offline marketing efforts you utilize every piece of information you have about your customer. The amount of marketing you push in their direction, the frequency, the messaging is all controlled by what the demographic makeup is of the customer is, how often and what they purchase. Bringing that data online and matching it to online profiles provides you the same opportunity.

Kristina: How can brands alternatively use this rich data?

Rob: This data can be a powerful tool in helping you target the right messages at an optimal frequency. It is also effective for suppression strategies by allowing you to remove existing customers from your digital marketing efforts. This data also allows you to optimize reach extension strategies by utilizing look-a-like models to extend your message to profiles similar to your customer base.

You can read part one of my chat with Rob and Aggregate Knowledge here.

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