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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : August 20, 2013

Brands: Why mobile efforts need better targeting

Brands are pushing more and more ad dollars into the mobile space, specifically the app space. But many of those dollars are falling in an abyss. Mobile consumers aren't converting or aren't turning into loyal customers. One expert explains how mobile brands can do a better job at engaging these customers.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: One problem I've read a lot about in mobile is that app downloaders aren't converting to buying customers. Where are app developers/brands 'losing' these customers?

John Rankin, Vice President, Trademob: A number of developers/brands unfortunately concentrate most of, if not all of, their marketing efforts on acquiring new users. This is a problem because a large percentage of acquired users - sometimes as high as 90-95% - will never engage with the app. Once a user base is cultivated, the marketing efforts should not stop as the difficult part begins - monetization. Using appropriate messaging and tactics such as re-engagement can awaken dormant and churned users and boost revenue. The best way to combat these "zombies" is by taking a more holistic approach to app marketing and intelligently continuing the communication channel with users beyond the point of install.

Kristina: Re-targeting buzzed through the online ad space in 2009 and just kept building. Now, re-engagement is buzzing around the mobile space. What is re-engagement and how can it help mobile brands?

John: Re-engagement is re-marketing for the purpose of activating and monetizing your existing user base, which can include tactics such as push notifications, email marketing and display retargeting campaigns. For example, a user starts to buy an item in a shopping app, but is distracted by an incoming SMS before completing the purchase. The next day, the user sees a display ad in another app that serves to remind him/her of the item waiting in the shopping cart. Thanks to re-engagement the user is now more likely to continue his or her purchase than before. This tactic can also be used to re-engage users that have downloaded an app, but have not opened it recently. Re-engagement is thus a great way to increase the LTV (Life Time Value) of your user base and the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

More from John and Trademob tomorrow, including his top tips for a more deeply engaged customer base.

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