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BizReport : Advertising archives : August 22, 2013

3 Questions with iJento's CMO

Data is becoming a bigger part of the advertising pie. As more people go online from different devices, engage with content in different ways and then share that content, data can help brands find patterns and improve the targeting of their campaign. The iJento platform is positioned to help brands both understand and use data more efficiently.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Tell me about iJento's solutions.

Paige O'Neill, CMO, iJento: iJento's solutions cover two critical areas that help marketers capitalize on the wealth of customer and campaign data at their disposal: customer intelligence and analytical solutions. Customer intelligence, which includes data stitching, enables those rich, deep Customer DNA profiles and opens the way to retention analytics. Analytical solutions, which drive marketing optimization, comprise behavioural segmentation, campaign attribution and content attribution, giving marketers the real-time data they need to improve conversion rates through personalization. These two areas enable marketers to transform the buying journey into a unified customer experience, assess and optimize true marketing impact, identify and retain at-risk customers and improve loyalty programs to satisfy top customers.

Kristina: What problem does your platform answer for online brands?

Paige: Marketers representing almost every brand face a host of questions right now: Are our marketing resources properly allocated? How can I acquire more new customers faster? How can I get a single view of my customers across all channels, devices and interactions? How can I understand and optimize the customer journey? How can I understand what is most important to my current customers so they will remain loyal to my brand? Through visitor stitching and other new methods for turning so-called big data into actionable insights, iJento is helping marketers conquer these challenges. It's not really about big data anymore, it's about YOUR data, and we enable our customers to determine what that right data is and how it can drive better marketing results.

Kristina: What is data stitching and why it is important for online brands?

Paige: Today, customers are approaching brands from an average of seven digital channels. It can be very difficult for marketers to get a true and accurate view of the customer because if one customer comes in from a PC, mobile phone and iPad, they could look like three different people.

More from iJento tomorrow, including tips on using data stitching to improve brands' ROI.

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  • Kevin Provost

    As if disparate data sources and formats were not enough impediment, many marketing software tools exacerbate the difficulty by providing only choppy reports. It can be tricky to get a clear read on a given prospect or segment even within a stand-alone product. They pass off speedometer gauges and view-through counts as analytics, but these don't tell us much of anything about the conversation we're trying to cultivate. Thanks for the Q&A - I'm looking forward to the next installment.



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