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BizReport : August 27, 2013 Archive

August 27, 2013 Archive

Social Marketing | August 27, 2013

How many Twitter profiles does a brand need?

How many Twitter profiles does a brand need? The latest research reveals that brands can have as many as 44 Twitter profiles, each catering to specific customer needs and consisting of broadcast and engagement channels. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 27, 2013

Health firm on-pack QR code campaign yields surprising results

When supplement manufacturer Doctor's Best began putting QR codes on the front of product labels to appeal to consumers, little did they know their target audience would show the least interest. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 27, 2013

Maximizing user experience will increase rankings in Apple's App Store

App marketers and developers can no longer rely on massive download numbers to get them to the top of the Apple Store rankings. Instead, a positive app experience generating high app ratings will play a significant role. >>

Ecommerce | August 27, 2013

Brands: Why you need to know the customer path

As data collection becomes more sophisticated, brands are not only finding out how customers react on-site but how they are reaching ecommerce sites and what social media tosses into the mix. That is putting customer attribution models at the top of many brands' 'must have' list for 2014. >>

Ecommerce | August 27, 2013

How to ID prospects in your existing client roster

Finding solid prospects in the online space is a hard sell. There may be a better place to find those prospects and it may be inside your existing client roster. Here's how brands can identify solid leads from within their base of customers. >>

Blogs & Content | August 27, 2013

Report suggests cable, telecoms trading customers

Telcos and cable providers are in a fight for customers. From cable companies adding to their broadband user lists to telcos adding more video subscribers to their roster, there is a changing face of telecommunications and video providers. >>