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BizReport : July 26, 2013 Archive

July 26, 2013 Archive

Blogs & Content | July 26, 2013

How tech is influencing younger Americans. Or not.

Millennials in the US are more apt to use public libraries than many experts thing. According to new data out from Pew Research, Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 are more likely than their older counterparts to use library Internet connections and to read physical books. >>

Research | July 26, 2013

Study: Service as important as taste for fast food customers

Don't leave off the customer service on that next order of hamburgers and French fries, finds a new study out from Empathica. According to the report, for quick serve restaurants, customer service is as important as food taste for return visits. >>

Ecommerce | July 26, 2013

Online shopping habits evolving

Price remains a key pressure point for online - and mobile - shoppers, but new data out from Harris Interactive shows how consumers have evolved in the online retail space. The big takeaways: they're more impatient with slow load times and they're more apt to buy after first showrooming. >>

Trends & Ideas | July 26, 2013

UK: Click and Collect purchases to hit $6.1 billion by 2018

Retail analysts Verdict Retail have released a report showing that 'click and collect' purchases will be worth over $6.1 billion in the UK by 2018 as consumers look for ever more convenient ways of shopping. >>

Advertising | July 26, 2013

LinkedIn launches Sponsored Updates for newsfeeds

Marketers looking to get their LinkedIn announcements into the newsfeeds of those who aren't followers now have the opportunity to do so with the introduction of Sponsored Updates. >>

Social Marketing | July 26, 2013

Facebook hashtags have little effect on engagement

Hashtags are a powerful discovery tool on Twitter but, according to new research, they have little impact on engagement within the Facebook environment. >>