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BizReport : July 18, 2013 Archive

July 18, 2013 Archive

Search Marketing | July 18, 2013

Report: Paid clicks pushing to mobile

There is a shift beginning in the mobile search space. The Search Agency is reporting that for the first time Google's Cost Per Click (CPC) on mobile has exceeded that of the desktop. Google's clicks increased across screens (Q1 2013 vs Q2 2013) but the largest spikes came in the tablet space, which saw a 25% QtoQ increase. >>

Ecommerce | July 18, 2013

Study: Ad execs IDing experience obstacles

Ad execs aren't kidding themselves: most realize real time bidding is crucial for their campaigns, but they also admit there are shortcomings in their approach. Those shortcomings are the focus heading into the future. According to new data out from Neolane and The Direct Marketing Association identifying and combatting those problem areas is a focal point for many executives. >>

Social Marketing | July 18, 2013

Mixpo pushes social syndication to market

For those of you in the social space - isn't that all of us by now? - there is a new tool that may help push the right content to the right people. It's a social syndication suite of tools, out this week from Mixpo, allowing social brands to push branded video content across both PC and mobile devices. >>

Social Marketing | July 18, 2013

Brands fail to harness power of advocacy via social media

Few brands are harnessing the power of advocacy, according to analysis carried out by social media strategists [email protected] >>

Mobile Marketing | July 18, 2013

Mobile Warming disaster looming for unprepared marketers

Forget doomsdays and Mayan prophecies, there's another global issue out there that all marketers should be prepping for - the global outbreak of 'Mobile Warming'. >>

Social Marketing | July 18, 2013

62% predict rise in Facebook marketing efforts

A survey of U.S. advertising and marketing executives reveals almost two-thirds predict an increase in their Facebook marketing efforts in the next 12 months. >>