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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : June 03, 2013

How a multi-channel social, mobile approach can benefit brands

Consumers have embraced new technologies and digital media. On average, Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile devices. This is over twice the amount of time they spend eating, and over one third of the time they spend sleeping each day. In this context, it is critical for marketers to also include these new technologies in their marketing approach. This can be done through a relevant and personalized cross-channel customer experience.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can brands ensure they are properly integrating social and mobile channels?

Mathieu Hannouz, Neolane Senior Product Marketing Manager: Brands can ensure they are properly integrating a cross-channel marketing approach only if they include the following and critical steps:

First, they need to make sure to have a 360 marketing single view of the customer. Data from social and mobile need to be captured and merged with other data coming from
more traditional sources such as web, email, call center and point of sale.

Second, is to make sure every customer interaction with brands is part of a personalized and consistent customer experience. This customer experience can be successful only if brands deliver the best offer or message through the most appropriate channel of interaction.

Kristina: Can geolocation data help brands in the mobile space?

Mathieu: Yes. Here are two examples. Think of a retailer who wants to target its customers with a relevant offer as soon as they are within a block or two from the nearest store. Think of a sports team that wants to target its fans on a game night and as soon as they arrive in the sport arena. What a better way to engage with consumers through their most valuable and personal device: their phone. Accessing mobile geolocation information can help marketers address these business use cases.

Kristina: How can mobile brands better bridge data silos when creating a multi-channel strategy?

Mathieu: Breaking down silos can be done by bridging data from different sources. For a mobile application for instance, matching a device ID with any personal user information would be the solution. Oftentimes, an app could ask users to provide an email or to login to an account. These tactics are a great way to match and link a device to any individual information already in a brand's marketing database. Once done, marketers can then send relevant and personalized offers directly through mobile apps.

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