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BizReport : Social Marketing : May 16, 2013

Survey offers social tact advice

In the land of social media, very little is left to the imagination. Or so it seems. New data out from Queendom finds that there are two camps on the social media front: those who share everything, bluntly and those who are more discreet and/or more tactful.

by Kristina Knight

"On one side, we have a group of people who believe in telling it like it is, no holds barred, no mincing of words," explains Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of PsychTests, parent company of Queendom. "On the other side we have a group of people who carefully regulate what they say and how they say it, and who show more restraint in their behavior."

The Queendom report finds that those who do not temper their ideas or opinions are less popular in their social circles - it goes back to childhood: who did you play with? The loud, sometimes mean kids or those who were kinder and more inclusive? According to the data:

• 69% of those who don't monitor their conversations take out their anger/frustration on tohers
• 80% act impulsively
• 64% say they sometimes regret the things they've said
• 66% say they've embarrassed a family member because of things they've said

As for how those who monitor what they say and those who do not react to stressful situations? Most high self-monitors say they 'leave situations/conversations' that are upsetting (53%) while low self-monitors are more likely to 'not hold anything back' and continue the argument/situation.

"A little bit of civility and diplomacy never killed anyone, and they make social interactions so much smoother," says Dr. Jerabek. "You can still get your message across. You can deliver criticism. You can disagree with someone's opinion. But you can do it without offending. The bonus is that this way, others don't get defensive because they feel respected, and that makes a whole world of difference."

What does this survey, geared to how consumers are acting/reacting to one another have to do with marketing? Primarily, it is the correlation that brands can make to this type of online interaction. Rather than responding in anger to a bad product review, for example, the brand can step away from the situation, and if the review warrants, perhaps offer content on their website about the badly reviewed product.

In addition, brands can take the time to observe the behaviors of their customers in the social space. See what they are reacting to or about and engage with them by offering solutions to issues they are having.

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