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BizReport : Internet : May 03, 2013

Siber Systems RoboForm increases online security

While we're on the subject of password security, regularly changing passwords and business password planning, there are online forms that can help with this type of security. One, from Siber Systems, is setup to as a kind of master password, helping to encrypt users and businesses security.

by Kristina Knight

"RoboForm is primarily a password manager. It makes logging into websites and applications faster, easier and more secure. RoboForm requires that a user establish one strong "Master Password" that is used to encrypt and secure all other passwords," said Bill Carey, Vice President of Marketing/Business Development, Siber Systems. "RoboForm automatically memorizes and securely stores each username and password the first time you log into a site or an application."

From there, RoboForm creates a file similar to a bookmark, but much more powerful. A user can simply click on the file, and RoboForm will navigate to a website, enter the username and password and click the submit button. In essence, RoboForm eliminates the manual steps of logging into any online account.

"The primary benefit of RoboForm is that a user no longer needs to remember or type their passwords for individual sites and applications," said Carey. "The user remembers one Master Password, and RoboForm remembers the rest. This allows users to use stronger passwords for all their individual sites and applications. A user can also change passwords frequently as RoboForm will automatically detect a password change and prompt users to update their files. RoboForm uses strong, military-grade AES encryption for complete data security."

For more on online security and business password protection, read part one or part two of my chat with Bill and Siber Systems.

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  • Allan_Simmons

    Been using RoboForm for years and love it, especially since the addition of RoboForm Everywhere a couple years ago. I now use RoboForm on all of the computers in my home and office as well as my phone and tablet. I highly recommend RoboForm to everyone I know mostly because they are the only password manager that offers live phone support.

  • Jim Nisi

    Been a proud RoboForm Enterprise user since Lastpass had their security breach. One thing you didn't mention is how it integrates with Group policy, it made deployment very easy for our company. This all being said great article.

  • Deandre_012

    I personally use SplashData's SplashID Safe. So far, their enterprise edition is the password manager which I believe is specialized for business password planning. Company-level password access management, confidential business data sharing and significant work coordination are possible.



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