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BizReport : Ecommerce : April 16, 2013

Univa: Open source a problem for most businesses

While nearly all businesses are using some kind of open source software at this point, the bulk also report having issues with open source programs. Problems which can lead to down time and lost revenue for businesses.

by Kristina Knight

According to the report, conducted by uSAMP for Univa, 76% of businesses surveyed use free and open source software (FOSS) - and 75% report 'having issues' with FOSS products.

"We have always said that users are willing to pay for quality when it comes to Open Source software, and the results of the survey have confirmed as such," said Gary Tyreman, Univa CEO. "A large number of organizations use Open Source Grid Engine as a key ingredient in product development, but as the company grows they can't afford to rely on unsupported Open Source Grid Engine. That is when they can turn to us for peace of mind, scalability and reliability provided by our team and proven Univa Grid Engine."

Those surveyed say they'd like:

• Improved stability (25%)
• Enterprise grade support (22%)
• Ease of use (20%)
• Additional functions (15%)

What's more nearly two-thirds (64%) said they would pay for enterprise grade software products if those products included better support.

The Univa Grid Engine is one platform offering enterprise level support for businesses operating large amounts of data or within critical infrastructures. According to company information, health care modeling company Archimedes integrated the Univa Grid Engine recently; the integration resulted in a savings of 50%

"With Univa Grid Engine, we can continue to scale and decrease deliverable time to our clients," Katrina Montinola, Archimedes' vice president of engineering. "Univa has supported us through the migration and will continue to do so into the future as we continue to grow. If I went to another company that was using purely an open-source Grid Engine, I would take Univa with me to assure this kind of flexibility and security. I know Univa has my back."

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  • WebGuy

    This isn't a relevant news article, this is just a friggin advetorial paid for by Univa to sell their product. Kristina Knight and BizReport should be slapped for not labeling this article as "PAID" content. Your trust factor with me just went down the crapper!



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