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BizReport : April 30, 2013 Archive

April 30, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce | April 30, 2013

Stackdriver launches cloud monitoring app

One recent report indicates that upwards of half of public cloud users are dissatisfied with the monitoring tools associated with their cloud infrastructure. A new release, out in public beta today, offers a new solution to the monitoring problem. >>

Ecommerce | April 30, 2013

Mobile is mommy's little helper

A new survey from Alliance Data Retail Services adds more weight to previous research that shows many Moms are tapping into their mobile device for help juggling their busy lives. >>

Research | April 30, 2013

Survey: Sales staff dropping the ball on message delivery

There is an ever-widening gap between what brands intent to tell their client and lead base and what is actually being forwarded to those consumers. According to new data out from Corporate Visions, up to 80% of businesses believe there is a 'gap' between what sales people should tell clients and the message actually being relayed to those customers. >>

Internet | April 30, 2013

Game developers play pirates at their own game

When brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug, co-founders of Greenheart Games, launched their latest offering - Game Dev Tycoon - they had a surprise, and a lesson, in store for those who avoid paying to play by using a cracked version. >>

Blogs & Content | April 30, 2013

Survey: Employees want video collaboration tools

New data out from Qumu shows one area employees find lacking at work: Video portals. Especially for those employees collaborating on reports, campaigns or other brand content, the survey found nearly 80% are interested in video collaboration tools but only about 12% have actually uploaded video via their business's portal. >>

Social Marketing | April 30, 2013

Major UK newspaper incorrectly reports Facebook data... again

A recent article in The Guardian would have you think that Facebook is losing users hand over fist and that, of those that are still logging on, the time they are spending on the social network is dropping. However, the source of the data used by the newspaper is disputing such a scenario. >>