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BizReport : April 23, 2013 Archive

April 23, 2013 Archive

Trends & Ideas | April 23, 2013

Will recent u-turns on telecommuting policy reverse the trend?

The number of companies with employees working remotely has risen significantly in the last few years. Will recent policy change by two big firms, Yahoo and Best Buy, reverse that trend or are those companies simply responding to their own performance issues? >>

Ecommerce | April 23, 2013

Consumers buy green products to improve image

New research from Mintel reveals that consumers are being persuaded to switch to more environmentally-friendly products to maintain a "green" image. >>

Advertising | April 23, 2013

Report: Cost to reach job and car minded consumers rising

Blame it on the changing weather patterns if you must, but the cost to reach certain population segments is heating up - right along with the weather in North America. According to new data out from ChoiceStream, the advertiser cost to reach audience segments for automotive and career information rose significantly in March. >>

Advertising | April 23, 2013

3 Questions with Local Corporation

Consumers are blind to banners. Branded emails go unopened. Video ads aren't engaging. Choose your poison, the online space is not for the faint at heart, but one online hub is changing how they attack online advertising, and those changes may offer brands more targeting options. Those targeting options? Could turn unengaged consumers into engaged audiences. >>

Social Marketing | April 23, 2013

Platform offers alternative to social login

This month nFluence Media launches the autograph solution, billed as a social login alternative. Through the solution retailers can offer simplified login procedures for shoppers while still gaining rich profile data to customer on-site experiences. >>

Research | April 23, 2013

Tech start-ups could add AUS$109 billion to Australian economy

A new report released by Google reveals that there is no time like the present to be an entrepreneur in Australia with a significant number of tech start-ups and support for the industry expanding rapidly. >>