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BizReport : Search Marketing : March 01, 2013

UK's most-visible paid search ad brands revealed

New research from search and social analytics software firm, Searchmetrics, reveals the websites most likely to be seen in paid search ads on Google UK, with the most visible by a long shot.

by Helen Leggatt

searchmetrics logo.jpgWith an average paid visibility score of 408,544.71, is, by far, the most likely advertiser to be seen in paid search ads, found Searchmetrics. That's more than double the score of second-place with 172,309.45 and three times that of third-place (121,443.82).

Retail, travel, and price comparison brands dominate the Top 20, which is a measure of how frequently and prominently a domain appears in paid search results based on weekly data from the search results for millions of keywords which Searchmetrics uses to populate the database that powers its online software for search and social marketers.

"From the results of our study you would expect that many potential online shoppers who are not sure where to buy a product will end up buying at Amazon," said Matthias Bachor, marketing director at Searchmetrics, "because it is highly visible in both the organic and paid part of Google, driving lots of customers to its website."

The Top 20 most visible paid search advertisers on Google UK are:

URL / Average paid visibility score

1 / 408,544.71
2 / 172,309.45
3 / 121,443.82
4 / 85,961.57
5 / 78,296.92
6 / 60,021.29
7 / 59,900.10
8 / 56,989.61
9 / 53,630.00
10 / 50,494.27
11 / 49,476.14
12 / 47,896.35
13 / 40,819.57
14 / 39,561.94
15 / 38,764.41
16 / 38,066.84
17 / 37,390.22
18 / 35,147.41
19 / 34,756.02
20 / 34,650.29

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