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BizReport : Blogs & Content : March 15, 2013

Brands: How the content space can improve your profile

The mobile space is changing more than how consumers check email, play games and check in on the social space. It's changing how viewers watch television, read content and listen to music. One platform can help brands create a more consumer-friendly content approach.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What does Selectable Media offer consumers? Brands?

Matt Minoff, CEO, Selectable Media: Selectable allows consumers to unlock valued content by engaging with brands. Through this interaction, consumers are able to access premium content and features online, and brands communicate with audiences at the moment they are most receptive to messages.

Kristina: How important is it for brands to be part of the content space, either by advertising/sponsoring content or by creating content of their own?

Matt: We have found that unlocking content through advertising provides brands with better recall and affinity than pre-roll video or other forms of display advertising. By inserting high engagement video messages into relevant and appropriate content, brands can drive their results more effectively. As content consumption increases - especially across devices and platforms - brands must recognize that 'when' they interact with audiences matters just as much as 'where'.

Kristina: How does the Selectable Media platform work?

Matt: Brand advertising has always supported quality content and that support is more necessary now than ever before. The best way for brands to connect with consumers remains to tell compelling, relevant stories through advertising that supports the news, games, entertainment and services that audiences value.

The Selectable platform integrates with publishers to allows them to put their premium content behind our ad selector. When consumers choose to access the content, they are served a choice of advertisements based on first party targeting data to ensure that they receive appropriate messages. The selector provides guaranteed viewability and engagement protection, so that only consumers who actually complete the video can access content - driving greater revenue for publishers and exposure for brands. The selector also offer post view engagement opportunities that can be customized based on advertiser or publisher needs.

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