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BizReport : March 6, 2013 Archive

March 6, 2013 Archive

Research | March 06, 2013

Survey: More brands to adopt dynamic, rich media

Once more, rich media advertising units are garnering headlines, this time thanks to a new survey out from Jivox which found that a majority of brands are interesting in adopting dynamic rich media ad units through 2013. The report indicates that dynamic rich media ads could see increases of up to 70% this year. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 06, 2013

Survey: Digi-rewards getting 12 times more mobile clicks

When it comes to mobile ads and promotion all messaging may not be created equal. According to new data out today from IFeelGoods promotional campaigns for mobile, digital rewards are getting about 12 times the clicks as standard offers; the results are true for messaging served across the Apple iAds system. >>

Social Marketing | March 06, 2013

How to build a social image strategy

As brands lose control over the dissemination of one of their most valuable strategic assets, we may think it's a negative phenomenon, but in reality this is a huge opportunity to generate new revenues, increase loyalty and strengthen brand value and operations. Kristina: The social space is exploding. How can a brand take all of the random instances of consumers using their images from random to a strategy? >>

Ecommerce | March 06, 2013

U.S. consumers not driven to shop online by same-day delivery

Same-day delivery isn't an option that excites many online shoppers, according to new survey results released by The Boston Consulting Group, because it costs too much. >>