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BizReport : Advertising archives : February 20, 2013

Twitter mobile user stats will pique advertiser interest

Twitter has released stats that will brighten the day of many mobile marketers and advertisers. Not only is the micro-blogging platform's mobile audience more engaged than the average user, but they follow twice as many brands and have better ad recall.

by Helen Leggatt

The Twitter stats, from a study in collaboration with Compete, tell the story of an audience that spends more time using the micro-blogging platform and interacts with more Tweets and more brands.

Feast your eyes on this selection of stats which appear designed to pique the interest of advertisers.

- Primary mobile users on Twitter are 96% more likely to follow 11 brands compared to the 5 or 6 followed by average users;

- 67% of primary mobile users follow a brand on Twitter;

- Primary mobile users are 58% more likely to recall an ad on Twitter;

- Primary mobile users are 57% less likely to use Twitter on a desktop PC;

- Younger users, age 18-34, are 52% more likely to access Twitter via mobile;

- 66% of primary mobile users use Twitter when at home of which 32% are more likely to Tweet about a television program they are watching;

- Primary mobile users are 169% more likely to use Twitter while shopping;

- Primary mobile users are 86% more likely to use Twitter several times a day; 157% more likely to access the platform on waking and 129% more likely to use it just before they go to sleep;

- Before and after watching a movie, primary mobile users are 301% more likely to use Twitter.

And, says Twitter, primary mobile users aren't just logging on to observe and browse their newsfeeds. They are more likely than the average user to create and engage with Tweets. They are 57% more likely to create original content in the form of Tweets, 63% more likely to click on links, 78% more likely to retweet and 85% more likely to favorite a Tweet.

"As consumers continue to shift their time to mobile, a big opportunity arises for brands," writes Taylor Schreiner, Co-Head of Ad Research at Twitter. "Mobile is in our DNA at Twitter, which means our platform can connect your brand to users in real time, wherever they are. Because mobile ads on Twitter are part of the organic content experience, they create a particularly powerful vehicle for brands to create reach, build frequency and drive engagement."

While the above stats are related to U.S. mobile Twitter use, Twitter has now released new data that represents primary mobile Twitter users in the UK.

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