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BizReport : Research archives : February 20, 2013

Top 3 tips for better time management

Small businesses are strapped for time nearly as much as they are strapped for cash these days. One expert offers advice on how to better manage time and improve the bottom line.

by Kristina Knight

First, delegate, delegate, delegate. Most small businesses are just that - small. An owner, a small office staff and maybe a sales person or two. In most cases the owner does the bulk of the day to day work, but that isn't necessarily the best option.

"Empower your Employees," said Mike Pugh, eVoice Small Business Expert. "Learn to let go of the day-to-day tasks that are taking up your time to focus on the big picture. Not only does this help you focus on larger business issues but empowers your employees by taking on tasks normally assigned for the boss. This challenges your employees and allows them to gain more responsibility ultimately freeing up your time."

Going along with delegation, SMB owners should know when a task cannot be completed in-house - and hire an expert to do it. Taxes are one example, but in some cases SMBs should also hire ad firms to create campaigns or a web designer to complete an update to their existing website.

Second, focus on your personal health as well as the business's health. According to a recent Gallup Daily survey business owners are the most productive when they are happy. When they are happy they are eating right and exercising. So don't skip the gym and don't hit too many drive thrus.

Finally, learn the technology of today. Not just the online sector but mobile and also the cloud can be of huge importance to small businesses.

"Cloud services can be big time savers for small businesses owners. Taking the time to navigate through cloud solutions that help organize your business communications and documents will be a big time saver down the ride," said Pugh. "Applications like Google Docs allow business owners to collaborate in real time with employees, Evernote allows business owners to take notes on the go and are always accessible and EZ Balances is a simple app for business owners to use when tracking their spending. There are thousands of simple, effective solutions out there so it's best to start taking advantage of the cloud to save time."

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  • Krish Vince

    I read one interesting time management technique on a blog recently and I guess this is the perfect place to share it. It was to check emails when we are standing. Sounds interesting, isn't it?



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