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BizReport : February 26, 2013 Archive

February 26, 2013 Archive

Email Marketing | February 26, 2013

New email tools offer brands more options

How important is email to a cross-channel campaign? Experian Marketing Services reports their email business has increased more than 150% (Q4 2011 to Q4 2012). According to the company email is now hub for many brands' cross channel campaigns. >>

Internet | February 26, 2013

ICANN announces hundreds of new web address suffixes

ICANN today announced that hundreds of new web address suffixes will be added later this year, claiming it will be the largest growth since the 1980s. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 26, 2013

Mobile plays starring role in Australian online industry growth

The online industry in Australia continues to beat market forecasts of lower growth rates. The latest figures from PricewaterhouseCoopers and IAB Australia show just how much growth in the last year has been driven by mobile and digital. >>

Social Marketing | February 26, 2013

Solution offers real time answers for social brands

The social space is ripe with information about consumer groups, new products and other news. The problem with the social space is that it moves so fast by the time a brand picks up on a trend, that trend might be past. Enter Topsy, a platform created to offer social brands real time insights into social conversations. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 26, 2013

comScore: 2012 a watershed year for mobile

New data out today from comScore underlines the importance of mobile to brands - namely that more than 125 million consumers (US) now own smartphones and that 50 million now own tablets. This new adoption rate is pushing more consumers into the 'always on' mentality and blurring the line between work, personal time and entertainment. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 26, 2013

Distimo: App Store tough environment for new developers

App developers all want in to the App Store but, as new data from Distimo reveals, newcomers are finding it increasingly difficult to get their foot in the door. >>