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BizReport : February 11, 2013 Archive

February 11, 2013 Archive

Blogs & Content | February 11, 2013

35% of brand newsrooms are neglected

More than a third of brands don't keep their online newsrooms up to date, according to new research from social media news ands PR platform Mynewsdesk. >>

Ecommerce | February 11, 2013

Fresh approach to product reviews launched

There's a fresh face in the online review crowd. The social product testing and review site's aim is to flip the product review world on its head by connecting companies and their products with passionate and credible consumers. >>

Advertising | February 11, 2013

How native ads are changing the online space

With more consumers going online from more places, there is a growing demand for content. Ad content, entertainment content and news content are leading the way. Along with a new type of ad - a native ad, which acts as content with an advertising twist. >>

Email Marketing | February 11, 2013

How brands can recover from overly personalized emails

Email personalization has become an important part of email strategy. Knowing what particular list segments want allows businesses to offer more relevant advertising. But there is the possibility of getting too personal with an email list member; here's how a brand can recover. >>

Research | February 11, 2013

NCH: 305 billion coupons clipped in 2012

Billions of coupons are being clipped and downloaded each year, but according to new data from NCH Marketing the overall use coupons remains steady. Instead of huge growth spikes, different types of businesses are taking advantage of coupons in different years. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 11, 2013

Verve Mobile: Location targeting doubles mobile ad CTR

In their first "Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report", Verve Mobile reveals that location targeting doubles click-through rate performance when compared to other mobile targeting strategies. >>