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BizReport : February 7, 2013 Archive

February 7, 2013 Archive

Mobile Marketing | February 07, 2013

Where mobiles are spending their time online

Two new reports, one from Millennial Media and another from eXelate, underline where mobile consumers are going online - and what they're doing once they arrive at interesting content. Here's a hint: games, fashion and streaming content top the lists. >>

Advertising | February 07, 2013

eWayDirect, Selectable Media open doors for brands

Two new releases - in the online and mobile spaces - are set up to help brands better reach engaged and on the go consumers. Here's how: >>

Social Marketing | February 07, 2013

New dashboard reveals which brands have the most loyal Facebook Fans?

Want to know which brands on Facebook have the most loyal Fans? A new dashboard from a Facebook Insights Preferred Marketing Developer can tell you just that. >>

Internet | February 07, 2013

Negative attitudes to data use breeding tomorrow's invisible consumers

More than two-thirds of Internet users across several countries would choose a "do not track" feature if it was readily available, according to new research from technology analysis firm Ovum. >>

Social Marketing | February 07, 2013

61% of Facebook users have taken a break from the network, have you?

Almost two-thirds of American adults have taken a break from using Facebook at some point or another, according to new research from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, and more than a third of younger users intend to use it less in the coming year. >>

Ecommerce | February 07, 2013

Solve Media: BOT usage on the up with fraudsters

New data out from Solve Media shows the use of BOTS continues to increase, with usage spiking around the globe during Q4 2012. According to the report the increase in shopping and advertising activities during the 2012 holiday shopping season led to the increase in usage. >>

Loyalty Marketing | February 07, 2013

Platforms use social, loyalty space to improve reach

Two platforms are using the social space to improve customer loyalty and overall brand reach - and helping brands see increased engagement in the process. Here's how: >>

Social Marketing | February 07, 2013

Study: Hispanic consumers look to social for product issues

When it comes to the social space more and more consumers are looking to social networks to stay in contact with their favorite brands. But, it seems, one demographic is more likely than others to turn to social - that is the Hispanic demo. According to new data out from NM Incite, Hispanic social media consumers are more likely than average social media consumers (US) to use social care. >>