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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : January 28, 2013

ExactTarget: Marketers and consumers "a different breed"

Listen up marketers. You may think you know what today's consumers want and how they want it, but you're not the average consumer, so put your personal biases aside and tune in to ExactTarget's new "Marketers from Mars" study.

by Helen Leggatt

marketers_from_mars_infographic2_w640.pngAccording to ExactTarget's "Marketers from Mars" study, marketers and consumers don't always see eye to eye. That's because, they found, marketers' experiences with digital media can be wildly different from the average consumer. This can have a knock on effect on marketers' strategic decisions.

An example of this disparity is illustrated in the different perceptions held by marketers and consumers about which channels are most effective at building loyalty.

Across a variety of channels including mobile apps, content marketing and Facebook, a third of consumers said email was the most effective channel for building loyalty. While fewer marketers agreed (26%) it was rated as the best channel by both groups.

However, marketers and consumers have a wildly different view on the effectiveness of content marketing. While 1 in 4 marketers thought this activity to be an effective loyalty tool, just 6% of consumers agreed.

Despite mobile and apps being the channel de jour, consumers didn't rate this activity highly either. In fact, marketers were more than 3 times as likely as consumers to think mobile apps were an effective loyalty-building channel (23% vs. 7%).

"Consumers are moving from single channel interactions into multi-channel relationships," said Jeff Rohrs, ExactTarget's vice president of marketing. "Our Marketers from Mars research provides exclusive insight into consumer expectations, offering marketers exclusive new insight on how to avoid the pitfalls of personal biases or becoming a 'focus group of one' when creating marketing strategy."

There were two channels that both consumers and marketers agreed on - Facebook and Web.

"Marketers from Mars" contains some interesting stats, and a warning to marketers.

"You're different. As a marketer working in today's digital, fragmented, and cross-channel frontier, you take risks. You live on the bleeding edge of technology. You brave the wilds of new social networks and mobile apps before you even know what they plan to do with your data. In short, you are not the average consumer. You are an explorer of brave, new worlds."

Other findings from ExactTarget's study that illustrate how different marketers can be from the average consumer include:

- 93% of consumers subscribe to at least one brand's email;

- Almost all marketers (93%) have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message compared to just 49% of consumers;

- More than half (58%) of consumers have 'Liked' a brand on Facebook - a 20% increase from 2010;

- More marketers have made a purchase as a result of a Facebook message than consumers (41% vs. 21%);

- More marketers on Twitter follow brands to receive advanced notice of new products than consumers (58% vs. 46%);

- 61% of marketers follow at least once brand on Twitter, compared with 12% of consumers.

Check out ExactTarget's infographic here.

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  • RCS

    Throughout 40 years in advertising, I worked with
    numerous companies CEO’s who mistakenly thought their customers’ media habits
    were the same as theirs. It’s
    just not so and a costly mistake to think so.

  • JW

    I believe lots of marketer is likes great artist and always concentrating on their own master piece.



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