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BizReport : January 23, 2013 Archive

January 23, 2013 Archive

Search Marketing | January 23, 2013

Report: For B2B, Twitter tops Facebook

According to new data out from Optify, email and search are two hot spots for Business to Business (B2B) marketers. The study also shows that B2B consumers are reacting differently to the social space, especially when it comes to engagement. Facebook is the place where typical social shoppers with engage with brands according to other research, but Optify's researchers found that, in the B2B space, Twitter is more important. According to Optify's research Twitter outperformed Facebook 9 to 1 for lead generation campaigns. Other interesting findings include: • Social Media contributes only about 5% of traffic leads for B2B's • Email holds a 2.9% conversion rate, the highest engagement rate for B2B campaigns • The average conversion rate is 1.6% • Organic search traffic is the biggest lead generator Organic search traffic is responsible for more than 40% of traffic to B2B sites. Researchers found that Google outperforms other search engines in the B2B space, just as it does in the B2C space. "Google has long proven to be the uncontested leader in the search market, and as our research shows, that authority will only continue into the foreseeable future," said Doug Wheeler, CMO of Optify. "With such a clear domination of search, we believe that marketers should diversify their marketing programs beyond organic search. It will come as no surprise if Google decides to monetize elements of its organic search data such as referring keywords, access to analytics or other, currently free services, leaving marketers no choice but to adhere to its terms." Researchers studies more than 62 million visits from over 600 million small- to medium-sized B2B websites in 2012 to come to their results. Link To; OPT - >>

Email Marketing | January 23, 2013

Email: Misspelling names breeds consumer resentment

Obtaining a consumer's personal details can be like getting blood out of a stone, according to a new survey from YouGov commissioned by customer intelligence and marketing firm Emailvision. Even the promise of better targeted offers fails to coax a name out of them. >>

Ecommerce | January 23, 2013

E-crime a more costly retail crime than shoplifting

The cost of e-crime in the UK, including the value of stolen goods, damage incurred and crime prevention measures, has risen to such an extent that the British Retail Consortium says it is now a more costly retail crime than shoplifting. >>

Advertising | January 23, 2013

Advertising: 2013 to be the year of the viewable impression

Ad technology firm OnScroll believes 2013 is the year of the viewable impression after 2012 was the year that industry experts recognized and pushed to address the problem of paying for ads that are never viewed. >>

Email Marketing | January 23, 2013

Constant Contact platform pushes education as part of marketing

With all the changes to the online and mobile marketplaces, businesses need a crash course in marketing effectiveness. Enter a new solution from Constant Contact which pushes education as part of the marketing solution. >>

Blogs & Content | January 23, 2013

RSS updates to include mobile CRM, accounting options

As more companies look to the cloud to simplify some aspects of their business solutions are forming to help them take advantage of cloud services. A new update from Really Simple Systems offers both mobile CRM and Kashflow accounting options for businesses in both the free and premium systems. >>

Research | January 23, 2013

Brands: Why you need a deletion strategy in 2013

The Internet may have simplified how businesses stay in contact with external sales forces or how they engage and retain new customers. But the Internet can also cause headaches for brands - especially those unprepared for the dearth of information that is accumulated year after year. >>