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BizReport : January 11, 2013 Archive

January 11, 2013 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 11, 2013

Social media access via mobile on the rise

Mobile is increasingly being used to access social media, according to recent survey findings released by eMarketer. >>

Social Marketing | January 11, 2013

Facebook has worst customer satisfaction rating of all social media

Facebook may be huge but, even with 1 billion users around the globe, the social networking giant isn't scoring well in customer satisfaction, according to new figures released by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index. >>

Viral Marketing | January 11, 2013

How video will change in 2013

In November more than 180 million US adults tuned in to online video, consuming about 40 billion clips and more than 10 billion advertising clips. Those numbers have more brands looking at online video as a way to offer more content for less cost. But online video is changing almost as quickly as the traditional television remote. Here's what you need to know: >>

Blogs & Content | January 11, 2013

4 Content trends to watch

Whether through tablet or PC, people are reading more and more content online and through e-readers. This increase in the content consumption offers savvy brands new ways to engage - if their content strategy is set up correctly. Here are tips from our expert: >>

| January 11, 2013

Study: Consumers more engaged, less understanding of online business

When it comes to online engagement, consumers seem to be engaging more deeply with content and brands online. The thing is, many people are still mystified by the actual working of the internet. For example, new data out from The Search Agency and Harris Interactive shows an abundance of people believe search engines 'charge dues'. >>

Trends & Ideas | January 11, 2013

PC sales drop for first time in five years

The 2012 holiday season wasn't a good one for PC retailers and manufacturers. For the first time in five years sales of PCs and notebooks were down on the previous year, according to new analysis from IDC and the NPD Group. >>