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BizReport : : December 18, 2012

New Android app helps you spend a penny

I don't know about you, but I tend to leave my smartphone well alone when I'm in the toilet. However, if I had a few thousand dollars to spare, I could be persuaded to fiddle with my phone in the lavatory thanks to a new, hands-free, Bluetooth connected model.

by Helen Leggatt

my-Satis-cropped-175x300.jpgThe clever, and toilet-obsessed, Japanese have done it again. Not satisfied with their current ranges of intelligent toilets, Japanese housing equipment manufacturer Lixil has launched a range of Bluetooth toilets.

That's right. The Bluetooth connected toilets can be controlled by an Android app. Handy for that segment of the population who admit to tinkering with their smartphones while on the throne.

Lixil's new Satis range means you'll never need to get your hands dirty when doing your business. The associated app can raise the toilet seat, flush, and even activate a bidet stream. If that's not enough, the app can also play your favorite bowel movement music and will keep track of your toilet habits in diary form.

Thankfully there does not appear to be a "Share This" function within the app.

The app can recognize when you are approaching a compatible Satis model and will set up the toilet to your pre-determined likings. Of course, the pranksters among you will already be smirking and wondering just how much fun could be had taking control of a friend's toilet session.

The My Satis app is free, but you'll need to spend a pile for the toilet itself ($2,385 to $4,657). That's a lot of money to flush away.

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