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BizReport : Advertising archives : December 14, 2012

How unified data platforms simplifies marketing plans

As the online space has become more cluttered, brands have begun to spend more time not only creating campaigns but in tracking them. That extra expense of time puts some marketing efforts out of reach for smaller businesses, but one platform helps brands by putting all metrics in a single dashboard.

by Kristina Knight

Steve Pogorzelski, CEO, ClickFuel: With Fuel Station, ClickFuel partners such as The E.W. Scripps Company, DudaMobile and GateHouse Media's Propel Marketing provide their SMB customers with comprehensive marketing dashboards that address the complexity of marketing and advertising campaign performance. This dashboard delivers data on a single platform to empower decision-making and improve campaign productivity and presence. ClickFuel partners also leverage Fuel Station's back-end business intelligence platform to improve account managers' efficiency, differentiate their businesses in the crowded media industry, increase customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn.

Kristina: One complaint we hear from SMBs is that they have to look at Metrics Firm A for display data and Social Metrics Firm B for social data, etc. etc. Obviously this isn't the optimal way to look at campaign data, but why haven't these analytics been unified until now?

Steve: The reason there hasn't been a comprehensive marketing dashboard for SMB's that goes beyond a limited product set is simply because integrating and normalizing campaign data is a difficult and costly proposition. The data needs to be integrated from a number of different sources including but not limited to API's, email files, XML files, CSV files and FTP calls. Rigorous quality assurance protocols need to be in place to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Kristina: How does a unified data approach benefit brands/marketers?

Steve: The benefit to marketers is that they are able to use the unified data platform in our dashboard for decision support based on their marketing objectives, whether the objective is to drive more leads or phone calls, increase their social presence or increase brand awareness. The visualization tools in the dashboard also allow for comparative judgments in product/service efficacy as well as the most effective combinations of vehicles.

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