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BizReport : December 17, 2012 Archive

December 17, 2012 Archive

Social Marketing | December 17, 2012

SocialVibe: Too many social media updates turn off consumers

Consumers on social media are sensitive to update overload from brands they have connected with, according to a survey sponsored by SocialVibe, which points to a need for brands to get the engagement balance right. >>

Advertising | December 17, 2012

New mobile ad format slims down chance of 'fat finger' clicks

'Fat fingers' have long been a mobile problem, and those accidental clicks on ads can be annoying for users and costly for advertisers. Google has a new ad project on the go that should keep everyone happy. >>

Ecommerce | December 17, 2012

81% of European shoppers would spend more for superior customer experience

Price plays an important role in the decision making process, but the vast majority of shoppers would pay extra for a superior customer experience, according to the results of a recent report by software firm Oracle. >>

Research | December 17, 2012

Report: More shoppers to buy this week

The 2012 holiday season will begin wrapping up this week - the last full week before the Christmas holiday. On average shoppers are expected to spend $900 before Christmas Day and another $200 after the holiday, according to iProspect. And, if not shopping online, they'll at least be researching products online. >>

Ecommerce | December 17, 2012

SMBs: How personalization can improve your performance

Early in Q4, Predicta lauched their SiteApps product in the US marketplace. Since that launch, the company reports steady growth as small businesses turn to their platform to better compete with bigger competitors. >>

Ecommerce | December 17, 2012

Windsor Circle finds increase in buyers returning to cyber shop

The e-tail totals are in for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, showing strong increases in online buying across the board. The days ended at more than $1 billion spent online. But new data out from Windsor Circle goes a bit farther, showing who is shopping on which day - information that could help retailers when the 2013 holidays come around. >>