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BizReport : December 7, 2012 Archive

December 7, 2012 Archive

| December 07, 2012

No more free Google Apps for small businesses

No more free Google Apps for businesses, announces Google in one of its most significant changes yet, as the company aims to provide a more consistent user experience to all business customers. >>

Ecommerce | December 07, 2012

What the increase in online shopping means for retailers

Over the first month (November 1 through December 2) online spending is up 14% (2011 vs. 2012); added to that three individual days have surpassed the $1 billion mark. What does this increase in online shopping mean for retailers? Our expert weighs in. >>

Advertising | December 07, 2012

CloudFlare, Parallels partnership to improve branded security

A new partnership in the online space should improve website security for small businesses around the globe. As part of the agreement, Parallels clients can activate CloudFlare's online performance/security services. >>

Email Marketing | December 07, 2012

What emailers can learn from Thanksgiving Weekend sales surge

The Thanksgiving weekend may have shown strong sales numbers but for emailers, messages may have landed a little late. Traffic, according to Akamai, peaked at 8:55 PM on Thanksgiving, but most brands didn't send promotional emails until the latter half of the day - meaning they may have missed out on some early sales. >>

| December 07, 2012

UK: 90% of 12-15 year olds access the Internet every day

When digital agency Crab Creative looked at Ofcom data about the media usage of 12 - 15 year olds in the UK they uncovered some interest stats about which media they prefer and how much they are engaged. >>

| December 07, 2012

UK consumers use multiple channels for news updates

A new study from mobile ad network Mojiva reveals Brits are the most frequent users of mobile news in all of Europe with over half checking at least two news sites or news apps each and every day. >>