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BizReport : November 13, 2012 Archive

November 13, 2012 Archive

Advertising | November 13, 2012

Corporate Visions releases Power Tools

A new suite of tools out from Corporate Visions should help brands tell better stories - i.e. create more engaging content - in the online space. Called Power Tools, the suite is set up to help brands create better leads and close more sales. >>

Research | November 13, 2012

Study: What Google's 'not provided' means for brands

Just over a year ago Google changed how it identified and reported search traffic to begin using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to better identify traffic to websites. This enhancement was supposed to protect consumer identities. This, of course, has made it more difficult for some brands to create personalized web experiences because instead of finding what drew a shopper to a site, the search terms returned read "not provided". >>

Ecommerce | November 13, 2012

Survey: 44% of shoppers will purchase via tablet this Christmas

Online shopping isn't new to the retail space, but mobile - and tablet - shopping is. At least to some retail brands. A new report indicates brands need to get up to speed quickly where tablet shopping concerned because nearly half of shoppers will make a purchase via tablet over the 2012 holidays. >>

Viral Marketing | November 13, 2012

Qumu: Video users want more support

When it comes to viewing online video, slow upload times and skipping content are big problems, especially for professional users. In fact, new data from Qumu finds that 94% of in-app video viewers want more support for video while more than half (58%) would like to see faster uploads. >>

| November 13, 2012

Smartphone users to spend 72% more this season than non-users

There has been much research done about consumers' changing shopping habits, and the role mobile devices play. For retailers that haven't yet got their mobile marketing strategy up and running, perhaps this latest research from Deloitte will open some eyes. >>

| November 13, 2012

Social media overwhelming some SMBs

More SMBs in the U.S. are using social media in their marketing, according to new research, but SMB community website Manta reveals social media destinations can be overwhelming environments for small business owners. >>

| November 13, 2012

Generation C most receptive to mobile advertising

Generation C is proving to be the most receptive demographic to mobile advertising, according to a new study released by RadiumOne. >>

| November 13, 2012

Facebook and iMessage to blame for first decline in text messaging

The average mobile subscriber in the U.S. sent 696 text messages per month in the second quarter of 2012 but, according to a new report, that figure dropped in the third quarter for the first time. >>

| November 13, 2012

Online delivery evolves with secure pick-up lockers

Fear of theft, damage to packages and missing a delivery are all major concerns for online shoppers, but new delivery methods are coming in to play that can help alleviate these fears and provide a more convenient method of receiving items bought on the Internet. >>