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BizReport : Email Marketing : October 14, 2012

GetResponse IDs best email send times

When it comes to email marketing studies have shown that the sooner a recipient opens a message the more likely they'll click or engage. But when is the best time to send messages so that they're opened? New data from GetResponse sheds light on which times of day will ensure better open rates.

by Kristina Knight

GetResponse analyzed more than twenty million email messages sent in Q1 2012. Their findings: emails opened within one hour post-send had a 23% open rate. Open rates dropped significantly after an email sat in the inbox for more than an hour. By the second hour open rates dropped to 9.52% and by the third hour to 6.33%.

So, when should an emailer send a message so that list members will see the message sooner, enhancing open rates? The research shows the highest email engagement times were 8-10 AM and 3-4 PM, but timing isn't everything.

Emails sent in the morning may get more attention, but there are more mailings sent in the morning hours - which means a chance that the message could get lost in the shuffle. So, GetResponse suggests sending messages in the early afternoon or the early morning hours.

"Don't let your message lost impact by waiting too long in the inbox," writes the company. "Schedule emails to land in the inbox no later than one hour before top open times, so they get maximum attention and results."

They also suggest segmenting list members according to the different time zones and locations of list members to make the most of those good open times. Because sending a message at 8:30AM Eastern Time could serve list members on the East Coast of the US well, but by the time a recipient on the West Coast opens email, the message could be buried. Timing gets even more problematic when considering list members in Europe or Australia.

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  • Janet Wolf

    question: we often send emails out during the middle of the night. did your study include the time between an email landing in someone's box and the time that person actually would wake up and first have an opportunity to look at their inbox that morning as part of this time spent in an inbox?


  • Karen Scharf

    These are great benchmarks to start with, but it's still important to test for each market and audience. We have one client who gets the best open and response rates at lunch time on Fridays - all due to the audience and the product.

  • Agree with Matthew... it has to be a combination of things that will up your chances of having your email read... and actually get a response from your power call to action that is also in the email. Great information to know, thanks for sharing.

  • Matthew

    Whilst send time is important and is closely related to the timeliness of an email, I think it's equally important to focus on relevant and high-quality content. This helps build trust and recognition with recipients and increases the chances of them opening the email irrespective of the send time.

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi Matthew, I think everyone here at GetResponse will agree on that, too. Timing is just one factor, but what we meant to show is how it can affect the overall result.

    Glad you're liking the infographic!

    Karolina, GetResponse Social Media Expert



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