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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 26, 2012

Why brands need to think outside the Boomer box

New data out from Nielsen NeuroFocus indicates typical targeting methods may not be working when it comes to brands trying to reach the Boomer demographic. In fact, the data shows reaching these mature consumers takes more balanced and attentive marketing campaigns.

by Kristina Knight

For example, studies show mature brains are more emotionally balanced - this means ads targeted on an emotional basis may not have the impact on Boomers'. Instead, brands should focus ads on the benefits of a product or service - how that product will improve something for the user - rather than what could be lost if a product isn't used.

"Although mature brains occasionally struggle with recalling information at the tip of their tongues, they actually have broader attention spans than that of their younger counterparts, allowing them to absorb more nuanced messaging. Marketers can help the Boomer brain by creating mnemonic triggers for their brand or product to make them easier to recall," writes the company.

Another finding: younger consumers and older consumers process information differently. While Boomers may be rapidly adopting tablets - just as their younger counterparts are - ads with too much 'stuff' or rapid scene changes are too busy/cluttered to be effective. While rapidly changing images can work to engage younger consumers, older consumers will tune this type of information out.

Why does this matter? According to research Boomers will spend about $7 billion in 2012 - knowing how they process information and advertising is key in how brands will fare. The right targeting, the right messaging, according to Nielsen NeuroFocus, is an important as how that messaging and targeting is relayed.

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