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BizReport : Social Marketing : September 11, 2012

Study: Facebook login could help retailers engage

While many retail websites are now offering logins so that shoppers don't have to re-enter addresses and credit card numbers with every purchase, some are missing a more simple way to get shoppers to create these accounts: the power of Facebook. In many cases, site registrations require an email, name, password, but some research has shown shoppers don't want yet another registration.

by Kristina Knight

This, finds new data from Sociable Labs, is where the Facebook Login potential comes in. As one of the world's largest social networks, a majority of consumers have Facebook accounts, and since research has shown that social logins can help with registration fatigue, Sociable Labs posits that Facebook Logins could help retailers engage and keep more customers.

According to the research most of the top 500 Internet Retailers are offering some type of social login, but many are doing it incorrectly - and potentially turning off customers. According to the data:

• 77% use Facebook only, 23% use Facebook and other social networks
• 30% require a site password in addition to a Facebook login - a no-no according to Sociable Labs
• 50% have only implemented the social login partially - meaning it isn't offered at the check-out
• None use 'Persistent Login' - which would log users in when they arrive on-site

"Sociable Labs believes that the major factors hindering adoption include technical barriers to implementation, perceived security concerns, and level of effort required for implementation," writes the company. "Facebook is by far the dominant Social Login option chosen by these online retailers. All IR 500 sites that have implemented a Social Login solution include Log in with Facebook. Furthermore, 77% of these sites only offer Log in with Facebook. Sociable Labs believes that online retailers will continue to prioritize Log in with Facebook over other forms of Social Login (Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc.) as Facebook continues to advance its offerings around Facebook Platform."

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