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BizReport : Research archives : September 06, 2012

Political insights from the DNC, younger Americans

This week marks a moment in the sun for the Democratic Party in the US as delegates meet and the 'official' campaign cycle begins. Likely you've noticed an uptick in the number of political posts on social networks this week, both from media and the general public.

by Kristina Knight

According to data from General Sentiment, buzz for former President Bill Clinton picked up after his speech Wednesday night. As for the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama garnered more social mentions that President Barack Obama after her speech Tuesday night.

As for the topics getting most attention - healthcare is near the top of the charts while talk about the economy has fallen off a bit. But that doesn't mean economic woes are completely off the radar.

As the race for the US Presidency heats up, younger women are making their voices heard. According to data from Generation Opportunity, younger women say the struggling US economy is hitting them on a daily basis (90%) while 84% report they are making life choices based on the economy.

"Today's sad reality is one of limited economic opportunity and a lack of jobs, both of which are direct results of this president's failed policies and stubborn pursuit of a policy agenda that is clearly rolling back the progress that our mothers and grandmothers worked hard to achieve. After generations of women fought for equality and access to opportunities not long ago reserved solely for men, it should come as no surprise that young women simply want the opportunity to create a future for themselves, to contribute to their communities, and to ultimately make the country a better place for generations to come," said Amber S. Roseboom, Executive Vice President of Generation Opportunity and a former Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States Office of Personnel Management.

How are younger women making ends meet? Primarily by cutting back - most report cutting back on entertainment and grocery/food budgets while about half are cutting back on gifts for friends/family and some (43%) have skipped a vacation because they don't have the money to take time off.

How would they change things? More than 60% say more available full time jobs post-graduation is more important than lowering student loan rates, 75% say the lack of job opportunity is shrinking the middle class of America and only one-third believe political leaders 'reflect the interests of young Americans.'

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