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BizReport : September 13, 2012 Archive

September 13, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | September 13, 2012

Brands: What not to do in mobile

With news about the upcoming release of Apple's iPhone 5, rumors about a smaller iPad product and a new Kindle Fire, more brands are looking into the mobile space with interest. These new releases may push more people to think about the Internet as more than a desktop/laptop diversion. But, for brands to engage, they'll have to change their thinking, too. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 13, 2012

91% of men have scanned a barcode while shopping

New research into the mobile consumer buying habits of men and women reveals that, not only do men shop more via mobile than women, but they also make more use of barcode scanners. >>

Email Marketing | September 13, 2012

Mobile email opens rise 32% in first half of 2012

Knotice's bi-annual Mobile Email Opens Report reveals that, in the first half of 2012, the number of emails opened on a mobile device rose 32% from the second half of 2011, with iOS dominating. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 13, 2012

21% of Americans spend more on smartphone service plans than groceries

Today the world is talking about the new iPhone 5, but here's a fact that will have you wondering about the affordability of such devices. A new survey from reveals that one in five Americans have a larger mobile service plan bill for their smartphone than the cost of their groceries every month. >>

Advertising | September 13, 2012

Pew: The importance of social for politics

As the 2012 Presidential Election looms in the US, more politically-minded pages are going up around the social sphere. There are pages for Republicans, Democrats, specific candidates, 'haters' of candidates or parties...the list goes on. While those behind the social pages and profiles insist they are important - are they? >>

Ecommerce | September 13, 2012

ShopKeep POS integrates Dwolla, LevelUp to give retailers a hand

A new integration from ShopKeep POS may keep the counter-clutter down at some retailers. This week, ShopKeep integrated the Dwolla and LevelUp mobile payments options into its iPad POS system - another sign that mobile payments are growing in popularity for small businesses as well as shoppers. >>