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BizReport : September 7, 2012 Archive

September 7, 2012 Archive

Trends & Ideas | September 07, 2012

Twitter users say it with photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. According to Diffbot, on the platform where text is limited to just 140 characters, photos are now the most commonly shared content. >>

Internet | September 07, 2012

U.S.: Mobile, digital gamers outnumber video-console gamers

The number of gamers playing on smartphones and tablets now outnumber "hardcore" video-console gamers, according to new figures released this week by The NPD Group. >>

Trends & Ideas | September 07, 2012 Americans want in-flight WiFi

When airfare search engine asked U.S travelers if they wanted the ability to connect to the Internet at 30,000ft, the vast majority said yes, indicating a higher tolerance for in-flight mobile use than previously expected. >>

Blogs & Content | September 07, 2012

Content deals to expand reach for online businesses

Three announcements in the content space this week should have ramifications for online businesses through the New Year. Covering both written and video content, the platform expansions and additions should make it simpler for brands to find an audience, control their own content and increase the ROI of that content. >>

Ecommerce | September 07, 2012

Customer search engine puts marketers in control of big data

Many conversations have begun over the big data concept in the past few years - from ways for brands to engage and target using big data to what big data actually is. One platform takes big data and puts that information into context for online brands to use to convert. >>

Internet | September 07, 2012

Forecast: Cloud subscriptions skyrocket

As businesses move farther into the online realm it isn't only about engaging consumers to buy products. The online space is also proving to be a lucrative addition to business infrastructure like the storage of documents, employee training materials and ways for remote workers to stay in touch with the home office. >>