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BizReport : Social Marketing : August 29, 2012

Facebook Likes do little to increase referral traffic and trust

Brands clamoring to get as many Facebook Fans as possible with the hope of increasing referral traffic to their websites may be wasting their time, according to new research from the data analysts at the BuzzFeed network.

by Helen Leggatt

The more Facebook Fans you have the more referral traffic wings its way to your website, right?

Wrong, say the folks at BuzzFeed.

According to them, "Facebook Fans do not equal Facebook traffic", in fact they found no correlation between the numbers of Fans a Facebook Page attracts and increased rates of referral traffic.

like button image.jpgSo what good is a Like? It's great for sharing content on the social network, but according to BuzzFeed it is certainly not a sign of loyalty or intention to purchase.

According to BuzzFeed's Matt Buchanan, writing on the company's blog, "the half-life of a like is very short: It doesn't mean so much for brands or sites general pages that last and last and last. But they mean a whole lot for oh-so-ephemeral pieces of content. Because that's what people actually share."

Another thing that Facebook Likes isn't indicative of is trust.

Last month revealed that, for the vast majority of people, the number of Likes a Page has doesn't matter - it's the activity on that Page, or about it, which was more likely to increase trust.

In fact, Likes seem to have little significance. "It's hard to tell how old a Like is, or why people were liking them", stated one respondent to's survey, while another said "I wish Likes would just go away. What's the value?"

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  • memeda

    and you expect us to like this article? lol

  • Tom Collins

    Very interesting article - however, have you got any stats to back this up? Would be fascinated to hear.



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