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BizReport : August 1, 2012 Archive

August 1, 2012 Archive

Social Marketing | August 01, 2012

Poll: Socnet users would go to jail before giving up profile

New data out from Harris Interactive and MyLife indicates people are overwhelmed by the amount of social media out there. But they're also not willing to give up their social profiles. In fact, some traditionally hated tasks are child's play compared to giving up social networking. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 01, 2012

Mobile users too engrossed to notice traffic, train tracks and.. bears

Mobile phone users display a worrying lack of personal responsibility while texting and walking, according to new data released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that reveals the number of incidents resulting from "distracted walking" has risen considerably. >>

Ecommerce | August 01, 2012

80% of mothers in UK shop online every month

Eighty percent of mothers in the UK shop online for themselves and their children once or twice every month, reveals a new survey by flash sale website Casabu in association with Mumsnet, and almost half shop via smartphone. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 01, 2012

More than three-quarters of young Americans use smartphones

Over three-quarters of Americans age 43 and under now use a smartphone, according to new figures released by Frank N. Magid Associates, as do nearly six out of 10 U.S. consumers. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 01, 2012

Wi-Fi changing how people interact

Over the past year Wi-Fi usage has jumped more than 200% thanks to the growing number of mobile devices - both smartphones and tablets - and laptops. This increased connectivity can be a good thing for mobile brands because it offers another area in which brands can engage, share information and convert mobile users. >>

Ecommerce | August 01, 2012

Store brands creeping up the acceptance list

Coupons are hot, but store brands might be a little bit hotter for shoppers looking to save some coin. That according to new research which indicates a growing number of consumers are shopping with store brands in mind as a way to keep the quality of items up and to keep their costs down. >>

Email Marketing | August 01, 2012

How Lifecycle will impact online retail campaigns

Lifetime value is a term buzzing its way up in ecommerce circle. It means measuring and extending the value of a customer over the lifetime of that customer. I recently chatted with Ross Kramer about this trend and how brands can make the most of the lifecycle. >>