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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : July 03, 2012

SundaySky, AT&T bring video to billing

A new partnership between SundaySky and AT&T is changing how AT&T U-Verse customers interact and engaging with online billing. Through the partnership a personalized, video bill is sent to customers, explaining the bill and reflecting the account's status. According to SundaySky the video bills have resulted in fewer bill inquiry calls and most (90%) of customers say the bill in 'helpful'.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: We've heard a lot recently about mobile billing/ is video billing different/better?

Jim Dicso, President, SundaySky: The ability to view and pay bills through a mobile experience relies on minimal information, is about convenience for the masses of mobile users, and enables providers to get paid faster. If the customer has questions about the bill, there is limited ability to address those questions via this experience. Delivering bills via video serves a different set of objectives, primarily targeted at new subscribers. The first 90 days are commonly the most costly for service providers from a care perspective, as this is the time when the greatest volume of contact center inquiries are received, and usually related to billing. Video bills proactively address the complexity of billing, statement or invoice administration with a personalized video presentation. Real-time videos explain account and usage information in an easily digestible manner, while increasing stickiness and uptake of value-added services, such as paperless billing and autopay. This leads to reduced customer care costs related to billing queries while improving overall customer experience.

Kristina: How will this change the way consumers engage with brands?

Jim: Consumers will begin to expect more engaging and personalized experiences at every stage of their relationship with a brand. 'Wow' experiences communicate the importance of a consumer's relationship with a company. It means treating the customer as an individual and being intensely relevant at that moment in time. Consumers respond favorably to 'wow' experiences that balance information, entertainment, empowerment and satisfaction, typically resulting in their spending more, repeating purchases and referring their friends.

Kristina: Can this type of offering/billing be used by other types of brands?

Jim: Yes, leading brands are applying SmartVideo throughout the customer lifecycle - in support of customer acquisition, support, retention and expansion strategies. Office Depot is using SmartVideo to retarget website abandoners with pre-roll video ads that are personalized based on browsing behavior on the company's website. Tiger Direct and Lenovo are leveraging SmartVideo for showcasing products on their website to boost SEO and conversion results. Similarly to telecommunications companies' use of video bills, financial services and insurance institutions can leverage SmartVideo for delivering statements. And retail, travel and telecommunications companies are also using SmartVideo for personalized customer engagement in support of post-order communication, onboarding and nurturing initiatives.

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