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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 04, 2012

Platform simplifies testing for mobile

One platform in the mobile space is set up to enable simpler A/B testing for mobile brands. Swrve measures in real time through A/B testing but doesn't require the use of updates of code pushes. Here's how it works.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is Swrve and why is it important for online businesses?

Hugh Reynolds, Swrve CEO: Think of option A and option B. Option A, you would put the app out there, collect data and metrics and then see something is wrong--so what do you do? You would then guess what changes/fixes to make, have the engineering team code them and send it to Apple for approval, hoping the problem gets solved. Now let's think of option B, you have an app, you collect the data, but now when you see something is wrong, you begin testing with Swrve--in real time, right away, no code pushes, no new app versions. You're testing real users and figuring out what they like, then you have engineering code it and push a new app version. You've scientifically tested what users like, using science not intuition.

Kristina: A/B testing isn't new, but still the adoption curve of testing different messages is low. Why is that?

Hugh: While A/B testing isn't new on the web and there are lots of solutions out there that allow you to test web content, as well as lots of methodologies and best practices that exist for guidance, this is not the case for mobile apps. The mobile market is still fairly new and immature in some ways. But gaming companies are ahead of the curve and have a strong culture for tracking and analyzing user data because they have a higher need and focus on user engagement and monetization, especially in freemium games where users demand high value, fun and unique experiences before they are willing to pay. A lot of these companies have invested time and money to build their own solutions for testing, but doing this is expensive and time consuming and detracts them from their core focus of making games. Swrve platform is instrumented to be integrated with mobile apps and allow continuous testing, tuning and improvement of the app over time based on actual user preferences and behaviors.

More with Hugh and Swrve tomorrow, including tips for better testing options.

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