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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 05, 2012

How A/B testing can improve mobile performance

A recent forecast from Gartner predicts that the mobile app market will be worth $25 billion by 2015 as more consumers hit the mobile space. For brands to make the most of this they need to know how those people are engaging. The Swrve platform is one way to gain better insight.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can A/B testing improve a campaign?

Hugh Reynolds, Swrve CEO: A/B testing can be used to figure out what message works best, onboarding, content, colors, flows and more--possibilities are infinite on what can be tested. No two users are alike, having one app that makes everyone happy is impossible and now you don't have to be bound by those constraints. With Swrve you can test user preferences as well as test targeted users based on behaviors. For example you can test users that have never paid money, those that play only on weekends or those that play every day. App developers can figure out how to engage and monetize users by providing them a personalized, fun and valuable experience.

Kristina: Is A/B testing still a simple Campaign 1 vs. Campaign 2 or can it be used to test different methods of targeting and personalization efforts?

Hugh: A/B testing within mobile apps is all about figuring out what users like and providing them a personalized experience. Because apps allow you to track user behavior, they are built for personalization and tuning to individual users. Lets use hotels as an example: they are beginning to build user preferences. When you check in, not only do they address you by name and make you feel special but they also may give you rooms on high floors, provide specific pillows, and extra water in your room to make your stay special and personalized to your preferences. Apps are built for this. Imagine having a travel app that knows your preferences for flight times, airline brands and hotels--booking a trip suddenly becomes fun, easy and all about you.

Kristina: Tell me how your AB Segmentation product can impact advertising.

Hugh: If you're able to deliver tailored advertising to specific segments, the conversion rates and effectiveness of campaigns would be greatly increased. This is also true for cross-promoting games to your users and being able to give them personalized experiences from day one based on previous behavior and preferences. Game publishers have a loyal user base, and they can target users based on previous behavior and target them with new games or offers.

You can read Part I of my chat with Hugh here.

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