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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : July 05, 2012

Drumbi: Great customer service motivates US shoppers to buy more

A new infographic, put together by consumer experience service Drumbi, reveals that many consumers would spend more with a company that provided a great customer service experience.

by Helen Leggatt

drumbi logo.jpgThere are many ways to increase sales but one particular part of the customer experience often overlooked is customer service. Even with the introduction of new customer services channels, such as social media, consumers are still having a disappointing experience.

Many Americans (60%) don't think companies have improved their customer service offering over the years.

Over a quarter think companies are paying less attention now than they used to. This is particularly evident via social media channels where, despite the enormous opportunity to engage quickly and directly with consumers and being seen to engage, just 30% of consumer interaction is replied to.

Yet, according to the Drumbi infographic, consumers who interact with companies via social media spend 20% - 40% more than over consumers.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic gleaned from the infographic is that 70% of Americans would spend 13% more with a company from whom they receive great customer service. This further illustrates that consumer purchase decisions aren't based purely on price and that customer service plays a vital role in value perception.

The infographic in full can be viewed online.

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  • Chrisconsidine

    This is a MUST HAVE discussion for all businesses. Getting new
    customers is expensive. Treating your current customer base as gold is
    the key to staying in business and growing the business and profits.
    WAYMISH is an acronym for: Why Are You Making It So Hard…for Me to give
    You my money? It represents all the slights and indifferences made by
    employees and organizations that lead customers to believe that you
    don’t really want their business. Things like not listening to what the
    customer is saying, putting policies ahead of common sense, not
    attempting to resolve complaints, etc.

    Can you afford to create unhappy customers that take their business elsewhere?

    How many customers does your organization lose every day? How many
    were planning to give you their money but ended up leaving in
    frustration? It may be more than you think! And these days you can’t
    afford to lose even one good customer. Let this unforgettable program
    teach your staff the attitudes and behaviors that make customers feel
    valued so they will buy from you again and again.

  • Dan Mann - The Mann Group

    Great article. It's disappointing to see so many retailers focus on everything ELSE but the Customer Experience. Certainly price, social media, signage and technology play a part in the customer's level of satisfaction in a store. But nothing replaces the core elements that cause a customer to buy: Rapport, Trust and Credibility. These are more easily gained with a compelling interaction with a salesperson. There IS an approach to overcome this challenge. Retailers have to take the time to make this a priority is they plan to survive.



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