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BizReport : Viral Marketing : July 11, 2012

Expert: Why brands should offer video previews

People are watching - and stopping - online video streams in record numbers. According to comScore more than 10 billion video views were logged in May 2012 - a record number. But, many of these streams are started and stopped because viewers lose interest.

by Kristina Knight

Either the content isn't what the viewer wanted or it is falling flat. In either case, one expert believes Premature Video Boredom (PVB) is a growing issue for brands using video to engage.

"With attention span decreasing and video length increasing, we are creating a giant divide that will make video less effective in the future. More importantly, many companies that use video as a primary online marketing tool are wrongly focused more on the quantity of content rather than the quality of the content - especially during the first 10 seconds of the video," said Graham McFarland, CEO of Cinegif.

McFarland's suggestions? Offer up a :10 clip previewing the content even before a potential viewer clicks into the video screen. He calls this a kind of billboarding effect - like retailers who advertise outside their storefront to engage consumers before they walk in the door.

"What if the first 10 seconds of your video were automatically shown even before the customer actively decides to click to watch? Rather than forcing a prospective customer to enter your store in order to see your 'signage', what if we place the 'billboard' where it belongs and is most effective - out front for all to see," said McFarland.

By offering a small section of content pre-click, McFarland believes brands will engage viewers, potentially at a deeper level, as well as give that viewer context for the remainder of the clip.

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  • Are you talking about a type of auto-play? That's even worse! People HATE auto-play! It's better to get rid of the opening graphic display or  time-wasting chat by the video host.



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