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BizReport : July 24, 2012 Archive

July 24, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | July 24, 2012

Android users are common cheapskates, reveals Chinese research

Does the type of mobile device you use indicate how elegant and romantic your lifestyle is? Apparently so... at least, in China. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 24, 2012

Adyen: iPad leads mobile payment market

New data, eight months in the making, has been released by multichannel payment solution provider Adyen. It shows that the worldwide share of all mobile transactions has more than doubled over the past 8 months with the iPad leading the market. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 24, 2012

Marketers disappoint consumers with dull QR Code experiences

QR Codes haven't quite hit the marketing big-time but is that because consumers aren't interested or because marketers aren't providing the experience mobile consumers expect? >>

Research | July 24, 2012

Survey: Traditional beats digital for trustworthiness

Digital content and social networks may be the rage, when it comes to trust, consumers are weighing in to say they trust traditional media more than they trust digital media. According to new data from Triton Digital, digital media may be fun to read, but when consumers want trusted info, they turn to traditional sources first. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 24, 2012

Mobile releases offer real-time information to consumers

In the mobile space real-time means engaging time. Because although consumers and shoppers are using mobile devices at high rates, many still turn to mobile when they need immediate access to information. For instance, a store location, ticket sales or a product coupon. Two new releases into the space promise real time, immersive information for consumers using mobile. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 24, 2012

Too much exposure? Poll finds many 'over' Facebook, Apple

Even in a content-crazy world it seems there is a point of over-saturation. According to a new poll from SodaHead many Americans are tiring of the buzz around Facebook and new Apple products - to the point many are logging off and/or ignoring new launches. >>