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BizReport : July 20, 2012 Archive

July 20, 2012 Archive

Social Marketing | July 20, 2012

Nine-to-five workers waste one day each week on social media at work

Do you know the extent to which your employees check social media and social networks during the working day? According to a new survey in the UK, your staff could be spending as much as a full working day online each week. >>

Ecommerce | July 20, 2012

1 in 4 abandon online purchases due to forced registration

Do you require your website users to register with you before making a purchase? If so, you could be losing out on a heap of sales, according to new research from Econsultancy and Toluna. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 20, 2012

Mobile web preferred to apps for on-the-go Olympics viewing

It is imperative that brands wishing to reach viewers of the 2012 Olympic Games consider those viewers' use of mobile devices because, says new research commissioned by mobile marketing firm Velti, this year will see much Olympic content viewed on smartphones and tablets. >>

Ecommerce | July 20, 2012

Baynote: Psychology an important part of personalization

Brands take note: Psychology 101 may help with ad personalization programs as much as technology. According to a new white paper from Baynote's Scott Brave the science behind personalization could benefit from some old-fashioned psychology as well. >>

Advertising | July 20, 2012

4 new releases to change ad space for mobile, cable, online

Four new releases into the ad space could change the game for many advertisers by providing better analytics or monetization options. >>

Advertising | July 20, 2012

3 Questions with Resonates Bryan Gernert

With the 2012 Presidential Election looming, most are focused on how political campaigns are being managed and how voters are being engaged. But did you know brands can learn - and use - some of these strategies in general campaigns, and after election day? >>