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BizReport : July 9, 2012 Archive

July 9, 2012 Archive

Blogs & Content | July 09, 2012

Study: 87% US Households subscribe to video service

When it comes to consuming video content most US households are using subscription services to get a bit more variety. According to new data from Leichtman Research Group 87% of US households subscribe to some type of video service, up from 80% in 2004. Of those who do use subscription services are earning more than those who do not subscribe. >>

Research | July 09, 2012

Jobless numbers up for younger Americans

It may be summer but that isn't the slowing the search for new and better jobs. Both younger and older demographics are looking for something more - some for a first job, some for a better placement. Where and how are they hoping to connect? >>

Research | July 09, 2012

Survey: Most employers look to socnets for new recruits

Check those social networking posts, people, especially if you're in the job market. For the fifth year Jobvite has surveyed hiring managers and are reporting that many are looking to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get information about potential employees and their interests. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 09, 2012

Fandango reports hike in movie ticket sales via mobile

Movie ticketing and information destination Fandango has just reported its biggest growth quarter in the company's history thanks, in part, to the increasing use of mobile to make movie ticket purchases. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 09, 2012

Publisher places QR Codes on book jackets

Publisher Simon & Schuster isn't new to mobile or digital sales. Over a quarter of their sales are now digital. However, they're moving into new territory with the launch of QR Codes on book covers in the hopes of boosting website visits and their email newsletter list. >>

Advertising | July 09, 2012

Google introduces "Mute this Ad" feature, but no metrics for advertisers

Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to block or "mute" certain ads to prevent the showing up elsewhere on the web. Is this a win-win solution? >>