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BizReport : July 4, 2012 Archive

July 4, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | July 04, 2012

Talking on a mobile phone? How quaint.

Mobile phones were once purely a way to stay in touch when out and about. Today they are a digital "Swiss Army Knife" used as much, if not more, for web browsing and social networking than for talking to others. >>

Ecommerce | July 04, 2012

Consumers opt for 'extra product' deals over discounts

Consumers much prefer getting something for free than getting something for less, according to new research on the psychology of discounting by a team of researchers led by Akshay Rao of the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 04, 2012

Platform simplifies testing for mobile

One platform in the mobile space is set up to enable simpler A/B testing for mobile brands. Swrve measures in real time through A/B testing but doesn't require the use of updates of code pushes. Here's how it works. >>

Research | July 04, 2012

General Sentiment: What people really think about the Affordable Care Act

Judging from social media, most Americans (54.2%) within the social space are supportive of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - affectionately or non-affectionately, depending on your viewpoint, called ObamaCare. The data is part of a new report from General Sentiment. With upwards of 80% of Americans in the social space it would seem that most Americans are in favor. But are they? >>

Social Marketing | July 04, 2012

Unmetric offers social benchmarking tool for YouTubers

Wonder how your video stacks up against competitors? A new metric from Unmetric may help. The company is launching a social benchmarketing tool, for brands to use within YouTube, which will tell them not only how their campaign is faring but how it stacks up against competitor campaigns. >>

Advertising | July 04, 2012

Juniper: In-app ad spend to triple by 2017

By 2015, in-app advertising spend across mobile devices will be triple that of 2012, according to new data released by Juniper Research. >>

Advertising | July 04, 2012

33Across: Focus on Facebook vs. the rest of the Web

Have you reassesed your Facebook strategy lately? Many have. A new survey from social and interest graph operators 33Across reveals that more agencies and brands are shifting their attention from Facebook towards "the rest of the Web". >>