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BizReport : June 28, 2012 Archive

June 28, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | June 28, 2012

UK: Consumer demand for mobile marketing ahead of supply

If you want to get your brand messaging to consumers' mobile devices, making the move before your competitors is critically important, according to new research from Velti and MobileSquared. >>

Internet | June 28, 2012

BabyCenter reveals UK Media Mum's technology traits

New research confirms what most mothers already know - motherhood changes your life. But what advertisers might not know is that motherhood also impacts mothers' traditional media usage, driving them towards digital channels. >>

Viral Marketing | June 28, 2012

Natural Motion: PR has "no impact" on mobile game downloads

Traditional marketing and PR campaigns to promote and acquire players for mobile games are pointless, according to the CEO of social mobile game technology and development firm Natural Motion. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 28, 2012

Which mobile targeting is right for you?

With the proliferation of mobile devices, the increased use of tablets and consumption of content through mobile, brands are also moving into the space. From push messages to mobile display and video units, there are many options - here's how to tell which mobile point might be best for your brand. >>

Email Marketing | June 28, 2012

How to get out of the Spam folder and increase open rates

One problem continues to dog email marketers, twenty years after the first email accounts were opened: deliverability. Too many mailings wind up in Junk or Spam folders or, even if delivered correctly, aren't opened for one reason or another. Here's how you can improve deliverability and open rates. >>

Advertising | June 28, 2012

BIA/Kelsey: Purchase Intercepts to push to nearly $5b

A new forecast from BIA/Kelsey Group advises the purchase incercept market could push to nearly $5 billion by 2016. The purchase intercept market is set up to determine which incoming calls are important for a business and which are not strong leads. Those important calls are then re-routed to the right area. >>